Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 30(4), December 2020

On the Usage of Deep Learning for Modelling Energy Consumption in Simulation Models

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 30(4), 2020, 165-174
DOI: 10.11128/


With the increasing availability of data, the desire to interpret that data and use it for behavioral predictions arises. Traditionally, simulation has used data about the real system for input data analysis or within data-driven model generation. Automatically extracting behavioral descriptions from the data and representing it in a simulation model is a challenge for these approaches. Machine learning on the other hand has proven successful in extracting knowledge from large data sets and transforming it into more useful representations. Combining simulation approaches with methods from machine learning seems, therefore, promising. Representing some aspects of a real system by a traditional simulation model and others by a model generated from machine learning, a hybrid system model (HSM) is generated. This paper discusses such HSMs and suggests a specific HSM incorporating a deep learning method for predicting the power consumption of machining jobs.