SNE 31(4), Special Issue "Promotion MATHMOD 2022 and ASIM 2022", December 2021

DOI: 10.11128/sne.31.4.1058
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Robust Simulation of Stream-Dominated Thermo-Fluid Systems: From Directed to Non-Directed Flows

  • An Overview of the State of the Art in Co-Simulation and Related Methods

  • Systems Engineering as the Basis for Design Collaboration

  • ROCS: A Realtime Optimization and Control Simulator

  • Simulating and Evaluating Different Boarding Strategies on the Example of the Airbus A320

  • Modeling the Spread of Tree Pests after Aerial Pest Control with the Means of a Geo-Information System

  • System Simulation as Part of Systems Engineering for Headlamp and Pedal Systems based on the Modeling Language Modelica

  • Simulation of a Discharge Electrode Needle for Particle Charging in an Electrostatic Precipitator

  • ARGESIM Benchmark C7 'Constrained Pendulum' - Solution in MATLAB Environment and Extensions with Linear Approach, Symbolic Approach, Sensitivity, and Integration into TU Vienna’s MMT E-Learning Environment

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