SNE 33(1), March 2023

DOI: 10.11128/sne.33.1.1063
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Coupling of Simulation Tools for Obtaining Local Fatigue in Combination with Experimental Data
  • Adapting to Change of Model Transitions in Proxel Based Simulation of CHnMMs
  • An Extension for the Specification and Automated Selection of System Variants Based on the System Entity Structure Using a Problem from Process Industry
  • Hestia.jl: A Julia Library for Heat Conduction Modeling with Boundary Actuation
  • Parameter-Free Approximation Method for Controlling Discrete Event Simulation by Reinforcement Learning
  • A Hybrid User Model for Virtual Stochastic Sensors
  • Modular Platform for Route Guidance in the Cyber-Physical Laboratory Test

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