SNE 31(3), Special Issue "EUROSIM Congress 2019", September 2021

DOI: 10.11128/sne.31.3.1057
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Modelling Landside Logistic Operations of a Mega-hub Airport with Discrete-event Simulation

  • Hybrid Models and Digital Twins for Condition Monitoring: HVAC System for Railway

  • Application of CAE to Model and Simulate  Wheel-ground Contact in Railway Vehicle

  • Optimized Balance of Plant for a Medium-size PEM electrolyzer. Design, Modelling and Control

  • Modelling of Methane Hydrate Formation and Dissociation using Residual Thermodynamics

  • Simulation of Hydrate Plug Prevention in Natural Gas Pipeline from Bohai Bay to Onshore Facilities in China

  • Wildfire Spreading Simulator Using Fast Marching Algorithm

  • Towards Clothes Hanging via Cloth Simulation and Deep Convolutional Networks

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