SNE 32(4), December 2022

DOI: 10.11128/sne.32.4.1062
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Issues of Fitness for Purpose in Train Simulation Models: a Review

  • An Open Source Tool for Calculating CO2 Pipeline Decompression Wave Speed

  • Implementing Standard Examples with NSA-DEVS

  • Reviewing Recommender Systems in the Medical Domain

  • Solving ARGESIM Benchmark CP2 ’Parallel and Distributed Simulation’ with Open MPI/GSL and Matlab PCT - Monte Carlo and PDE Case Studies

  • Compartment Modeling of Overweight in Toddler Age: Modeling and Simulating a Diets Effect with COPASI

  • Methods for Integrated Simulation - 10 Concepts to Integrate

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