SNE Content Types

Simulation Notes Europe publishes peer reviewed contributions on developments and trends in modelling and simulation in various areas and in application and theory, with main topics being simulation overall aspects and interdisciplinarity. As SNE aims for quick publication of new developments, contributions are categorized and limited in space:

  • Technical Note (TN) – scientific publication on specific topics in modelling and simulation, 6 – 10  pages
  • Short Note (SN) – recent development on specific topics, max. 6 pages
  • Education Note (EN) – modelling and simulation in / for education and e-learning;  6 - 8 pages
  • Software Note (SW) – specific implementation with scientific analysis, max. 6  pages
  • Benchmark Note  (BN) – Dokumentation of an realised ARGESIM Benchmark
    Benchmark Solution (2 pages SNE), Benchmark Report (4 to 6 pages SNE), Benchmark Study (6 to 10 pages SNE)
  • Overview Note (ON) – State-of-the-Art report in a specific area, up to 14 pages, only upon invitation