C19(R) - Pollution in Groundwater Flow

The ARGESIM Benchmark C19(R) Pollution in Groundwater Flow analyses a homogeneous ground water body with a singular pollution source and with facilities for reduction of contamination, based on the transport equation. Tasks require steady state analysis, spatial calculation of unregulated pollution spread, and modelling and control of facilities (pumps) for decontamination. The benchmark addresses quite different modelling approaches and solution techniques, from classical discretisation methods via FEM to alternatives techniques like cellular automata, Monte-Carlo methods and Random Walk. 

The recent revised definition emphasizes on modelling methods for distributed systems, and is a very suitable case study for introduction into instationary distributed diffusion processes – with educational aspects for comparative modelling and simulation implementation.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, realise, and submit submit a

  • C19 Benchmark Report with sufficient and adequate documentation of implementations and results with a specific modelling technique, or a
  • C19 Benchmark Study presenting aditionally e.g. different / alternative / comparative modelling approaches and sketching analysis variants or supplemental model experiments.


Florian Judex, Felix Breitenecker, Gerhard Höfinger

SNE 16(3-4), 2006, 63-66

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G. Höfinger, F. Judex, F. Breitenecker

SNE 15 (44/45), 2005, 51-52

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