Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 29(3), September 2019

How to Define SES Trees for Variability Modeling

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 29(3), 2019, 117-126
DOI: 10.11128/


The System Entity Structure (SES) is a high level approach for variability modeling, particularly in simulation engineering, which is under continuous development. In this context, an enhanced framework is introduced that supports dynamic variability evolution using the SES approach. However, the main focus is to start a discussion about a set of design patterns, which were developed to analyze the tree design and computing aspects of System Entity Structures. As development of our MATLAB-based SES toolbox for construction and pruning of SES trees proceeded, the necessity to have some generalized examples for testing and verification came more and more into awareness. We propose a set of design patterns that, if completely representable and computable by a certain tool, support all aspects of SES theory. In addition, the patterns give users substantial support for developing SES models for other applications.