Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 26(1), March 2016

Modeling Garage Parking

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 26(1), 2016, 1-8
DOI: 10.11128/


Described is a simulation model of cruising for garage parking, intended both for the calibration and evaluation of real-time parking recommendation methods, and as a base for predictive guidance to available parking. The model combines the event-based and agent-based simulation approaches to represent the parking garage and the driver behavior. It is validated by simulating a real-world parking garage and comparing the model’s output with observations. The validation results show the model’s capability to predict a garage’s state over the course of an operational day, even though specific results are not yet precise enough for the intended use.

After an introduction to scope and aims, the paper shares some background on garage parking and related work, followed by a description of the simulation model, and its validation based on a representation of a realworld parking garage.