Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 23(2), August 2013

The Lattice Boltzmann Method and Multiscale Hemodynamics: Recent Advances and Persepectives

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 23(2), 2013, 59-70
DOI: 10.11128/sne.23.on.10181


Large-scale simulations of blood flow allow for the optimal evaluation of endothelial shear stress for real-life case studies in cardiovascular pathologies. The procedure for anatomic data acquisition, geometry and mesh generation are particularly favorable if used in conjunction with the Lattice Boltzmann method and the underlying cartesian mesh. The methodology allows to accommodate red blood cells in order to take into ac-count the corpuscular nature of blood in multi-scale scenarios and its complex rheological response, in particular, in proximity of the endothelium. Taken together, the Lattice Boltzmann framework has become a powerful computational tool for studying sections of the hu-man circulatory system.