Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 21(1), April 2011

Introducing Software Components to Road Traffic Modeling and Simulation

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 21(1), 2011, 21-26
DOI: 10.11128/


This article presents an application of contemporary software engineering practices, in particular software comp onents, into the area of road traffic modeling and simulation. It shows that by building road traffic models from individual components, both the topology of the simulated traffic system and thebehavior of the simulation model can be easily changed according to the requirements. In fact, it is possible to develop a single road traffic model, the properties of which can be adjusted almost arbitrarily. This flexibility, resulting in a multiadjustable simulation, is of a great advantage as opposed to the existing road traffic modeling and simulation tools that usually implement only one behavioral model and are thus predetermined for simulating a limited set of problems.