Simulation News Europe, Volume 19(1), April 2009

High-Order Acausal Models

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 19(1), 2009, 5-16
DOI: 10.11128/


Current equation-based object-oriented (EOO) languages typically contain a number of fairly complex lan-guage constructs for enabling reuse of models. However, support for model transformation is still often lim-ited to scripting solutions provided by tool implementations. In this paper we investigate the possibility of combining the well known concept of higher-order functions, used in standard functional programming languages, with acausal models. This concept, called Higher-Order Acausal Models (HOAMs), simplifies the creation of reusable model libraries and model transformations within the modeling language itself. These transformations include general model composition and recursion operations and do not require data representation/reification of models as in metaprogramming/metamodeling. Examples within the electrical and mechanical domain are given using a small research language. However, the language concept is not limited to a particular language, and could in the future be incorporated into existing commercially available EOO languages.