Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 32(1), March 2022

Guarantying Consistency of Spatio-temporal Regions that Solve Air Traffic Conflicts

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 32(1), 2022, 15-21
DOI: 10.11128/


Separation management together with more efficient conflict detection & resolution are two of the main challenges that Air Traffic Management faces in its quest to modernize itself. This quest for modernization comes as a result of the necessity to adapt to the increment in demand and complexity of the projected future air traffic. Several approaches are proposed to the problem and several sets of properties that they should satisfy. We identify among them robustness, the ability to provide realistic solutions, and consideration of uncertainties the most critical ones. These properties should of course come at a reasonable computational cost. Among the various approaches towards the problem, we believe the ones that try to solve conflicts using spatio-temporal regions are the most adequate base for such systems, because of their unique ability to consider post-decitional uncertainties. In one of the two such methodologies, the construction of such regions, can produce several inconsistencies. We present in this work a methodology by which such inconsistencies can be taken care of.