Manuscript Review

The EiC assigns a submitted paper to at least two reviewers (members of the editorial board), who themselves can forward the review to external reviewers. It is intended to inform the corresponding author of a submitted contribution within six weeks about the (first) review results. Reviews of revised submissions are intended to be handled within four weeks.

The EiC informs the authors about final acceptance or rejection immediately by e-mail.

Contribution Production

After acceptance, the contribution is forwarded to the Editorial Office, which manages production and publication release:

  • SNE Issue Assignment
    EiC and Editorial Office assign the contribution to one of the next SNE issues preliminarily (at present four issue/year, nominally March - June - September - December
  • Contribution Layout
    Based on the sent-in Word or TEX source files, the contribution is finally typesetted, with check of proper figures (figure and picture files)
  • Revision of Source
    Eventually the corresponding author is contacted wrt delivery of figures / pictures with higher quality
  • Proof Correction
    A print poof is sent to the corresponding author (pdf file), (minor) corrections - comments in pdf file or manually with scan - should be resent asap
  • SNE Issue Re-assignment
    Eventually the contribution is re-assigned to another coming SNE issue (in case of time delays)
  • Publication Release
    The SNE issue with the contribution is compiled and finally released for publication.
  • Electronic Publication
    The SNE Issue and the contribution are published electronically - ready for download from
    DOI numbers are sent to CrossRef database for indexing and access of electronic contribution via DOI number (restart Nov. 2017).
  • Print Publication
    After publication release, the SNE Issue is sent to the printer.
    Print Sample Copies are sent to authors and to the EUROSIM board, and are used for display.
    In general, Print SNE Issues are available on basis of print-on-demand from TU Verlag Wien - 

 Minimal turnaround time for production is two months.