Solving ARGESIM Benchmark CP2 ’Parallel and Distributed Simulation’ with Open MPI/GSL and Matlab PCT - Monte Carlo and PDE Case Studies

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 32(4), 2022, 211-220
DOI: 10.11128/sne.32.bncp2.10625


The ARGESIM benchmark CP2 provides three different tasks to study current technologies for the parallelization of simulation programs. The first task is the Monte Carlo study. In this study, a spring-mass system is simulated with different damping factors. The second task is a Latice Boltzmann simulation in which the flow of a fluid in a special geomentry is simulated. The third problem is a partial differential equation (PDE) describing a swinging rope, which is solved by the Method of Lines. The Monte Carlo and the PDE study are solved here, each one with two different methods: The first one applies the standard MPI message passing library together with the GNU Scientific Library, the second one uses Matlab from The MathWorks in combination with the Parallel Computing Toolbox. A special focus of this work is on the parallel processing functions provided by Matlab. The solutions are compared with each other in terms of performance and scalability. In most cases, the solutions with OpenMPI and GSL were faster than the solutions with Matlab PCT. The Matlab PCT offers many functionalities and applications to accelerate, but these usually have a poor runtime behavior.