A Norm-based Comparison of Approaches in ARGESIM Benchmark C17R 'Modelling and Simulation of a SIR-type Epidemic with Cellular Automata and Ordinary Differential Equations' using MATLAB

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 27(1), 2017, 51-56
DOI: 10.11128/sne.27.bn17.10368


This model comparison quantifies the difference between the results of a population model, using ordinary differential equations, and an inhomogeneous spatial approach, using a lattice gas cellular automaton. Both approaches describe a classical SIR-epidemic. The system definition of the epidemic, model specification and parameter identification were already formulated by Miksch et al [1]. For the sake of quantifyable comparisons a norm was introduced. The tasks from the revised ARGESIM Comparison 17 [1] were completed and the results were analysed and visualised. Every result was interpreted according to the knowledge of the modelling approaches and the setup of the experiment at hand.