ARGESIM Benchmark C11 'SCARA Robot’ with Extended Trajectory Tracking Control

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 31(1), 2021, 43-51
DOI: 10.11128/sne.31.bne11.10557


Modelling of mechatronic systems often results in implicit model description. Simulation systems provide different strategies to deal with this kind of problem, resulting in different modelling approaches. For this purpose, Mathwork’s MATLAB system offers in its basic MATLAB system at programming level implicit ODE solvers, and in its toolboxes Simulink and SimMechanics (on basis of the Modelica-like system SimScape) graphical modelling environment. This Benchmark Study compares these modelling approaches and the simulation efficiency and results on basis of the ARGESIM Benchmark C11 ‘SCARA Robot’. Additionally, the contribution’s investigations present a tuning of the PID control for point-to-point movement with and without collision prevention and introduce a trajectory tracking control with collision prevention, which improves the performance essentially.