ARGESIM Benchmark C11 ’SCARA Robot’: Comparison of Basic Implementations in EXCEL and MATLAB

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 29(3), 2019, 149-158
DOI: 10.11128/sne.29.bne11.10488


This SCARA robot benchmark study documents an EXCEL implementation and compares it with a MATLAB implementation on basis of Euler and Heun ODE solvers with integrated event handling. Aim is to check whether a spreadsheet tool like EXCEL can be used as simulator for continuous models as given for the SCARA robot. The benchmark study is organized in four parts. The first part describes the proper transformation and preparation of the implicit model description into an explicit state space with integrated control and state restrictions for use with explicit Euler and Heun solver. The second part documents the model implementations in EXCEL and in MATLAB for simulation of point-to-point movement. The third part concentrates on model extension for obstacle avoidance and proper implementation in EXCEL and in MATLAB. The fourth part compares the simulation results on a numerical basis and discusses advantages and disadvantages of the implementations. An appendix shows snapshots from the EXCEL implementations.