Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 34(2), June 2024

Holistic Concept for Simulation-based Planning and Design of Hybrid AC/DC Energy Grids for Production Systems

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 34(2), 2024, 61-70
DOI: 10.11128/


This paper proposes a simulation-based planning concept and a simulation architecture for the design of hybrid AC/DC grids, which have the potential to significantly contribute to the energy transition. The paper discusses the lack of knowledge for the design of these grids, and presents a simulation approach to efficiently design hybrid grids and analyze them based on an electrical simulation. The authors also address the need to include process-specific characteristics in the planning and analysis of the electrical network, which is why common simulation tools for production processes are included in the approach. This allows economical, ecological, safety-relevant and technical aspects to be integrated into the planning process. The proposed concept is further discussed and planned for validation on the basis of a demonstrator currently under construction.