Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 33(3), September 2023

ERS - Enterprise Resource Simulator: a New Simulation Platform

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 33(3), 2023, 125-132
DOI: 10.11128/sne.33.sw.10654


ERS is a new simulation platform that allows you to develop and run simulations fully utilizing modern hardware. ERS supports multi-formalism in a simulation model and utilizes a new mechanism to leverage new techniques to scale models without fundamental size limits. The ERS Platform provides development tools alongside the simulation engine. ERS aims to integrate with other tools and platforms. ERS allows the development of tailor-made applications and libraries based on the engine. Those libraries are, in principle, interoperable unless specified. This allows experts in the field to create plug & play applications and libraries to share inside the ERS eco-system, including in specialized fields like Material handling, logistics, crowd management, chemical materials, etc.