Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 30(4), December 2020

Vehicle Coordination and Configuration in High-powered Automated Vehicle Storage and Retrieval Systems

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 30(4), 2020, 139-144
DOI: 10.11128/


The growing demand for increased flexibility and throughput capacity of automated warehouses is driving the implementation of rail-guided automated vehicle storage and retrieval systems (AVSRSs). A new type of AVSRS is capable of further increased performance by utilizing multiple vehicles along one rail instead of using only a single vehicle per aisle and tier. In this work, we introduce the shuttle vehicle scheduling problem (SVSP) in AVSRSs and present methods to solve the SVSP. We conduct a series of simulation experiments to show the performance improvement of horizontal transportation in various configurations of this new type of AVSRS and discuss main benefits of deploying high-powered AVSRSs.