Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 30(4), December 2020

Simulation of Construction Disturbances with Agent-Based Petri Nets and Employing a BIM in Expert Building Time Analyses

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 30(4), 2020, 203-212
DOI: 10.11128/


This paper is based on a research project focused on updating a disturbance-modified schedule for the evaluation of building claims. In this context, the quan-tification of time effects in expert analyses is discussed. This novel approach is based on a time-discrete simulation method using an agent-based simulation with Petri nets and building information models. Here, the focus is on the reconfiguration of the composition structure of the Petri net, which is triggered by events in the sequence structure. In addition, this paper presents a conceptual proposal how to chronologically integrate documents into the Petri net structure. Thus, the simulation model and the building claims can be verified and validated. Specialized transitions are also used to implement document integration into the Petri net model.