Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 30(1), March 2020

Optimization of Operational Parameters in Biogas Plants using the ADM1

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 30(1), 2020, 11-14
DOI: 10.11128/


While the main objective in energy productionis the reduction of fossil fuels,  CO2-production by fossil fuels increased over the last decade. Therefore the need for usage of regenerative energies is obvious. Biogas plants are advantageous because they can be used without spatial limitation and their substrate is abundant ubiquitously as it covers the whole range of produced organic matter from photosynthesis, municipal, industrial and animal waste. Although the need for optimization strategies is given, the fermentation process in biogas plants is complex and therefore traditional optimization approaches are cumbersome and carry the risk of complete plant failure. In this paper the optimization potential of the ADM1, which represents a detailed description of the anaerobic digestion process is analysed and compared to the standard ADM1 setup. Technical parameters like substrate composition and dilution rate are optimized to yield a high methane gas flow. It is shown that the optimization of substrate composition has a direct impact on the maximum applicable dilution rate. It is also shown that the feeding rate can be increased to yield higher productivities with optimized substrate compositions.