Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 30(2), June 2020

Examining Repositories for Simulation Data

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 30(2), 2020, 61-66
DOI: 10.11128/


Researchers and practicioners often struggle finding or generating adequate data to design, calibrate, or validate simulation models. This leads to greater time and effort allocated to searching for or producing data, rather than performing scientific research itself. This data barrier is especially cumbersome in the long tail of computer science – smaller laboratories typically without access to larger institutions' data sources. This review examines nineteen existing data repositories based on their feature sets. Out of these reviewed systems, only six have advanced feature sets that are significantly different from standard digital libraries. No single data repository provides a combination of features and tools geared towards simulation projects conducted at smaller laboratories, and none offers features that would allow for purchase or sale of data.