Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 28(3), September 2018

Possibilities in State Event Modelling of Hybrid Systems

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 28(3), 2018, 109-111
DOI: 10.11128/


This work-in-progress paper illustrates the idea of the conceptional separation between a mathematical model and a simulation model for state event models of dynamic hybrid systems. The traditional modelling and simulation process starts with a mathematical model, followed by an implementation of the model in a certain simulation environment and ends with the parametrisation of the numerical attributes followed by the simulation run. Current trends in simulation environments tends to go in the direction of graphical oriented modelling descriptions neglecting needs of conceptional (mathematical) models at the beginning of the process. This limits the modelling process and restricts efficiency. For comparison or benchmarking simulation environments as well as modelling languages, approaches and optimization for hybrid models, a conceptional model offers a framework to review these aspects.