Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 28(3), September 2018

Monitoring and Control in Mining

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 28(3), 2018, 81-84
DOI: 10.11128/


Reliable risk management is based on informative decision making. The key to improve decision making is to combine information and create new predictive measurements. Predictive indirect measurements can include open data, process measurements, and modelling. Varying information sources enables viewing the situation from several differing angles and can give the decision maker more time to react. Different datasources strengthen each other narrowing the uncertainty of predictions. Robust self-monitoring is also needed for the predictive system to be reliable. Mining industry has three major risk sources: water handling in the environmental focus area, condition of machines and process devices, and health and safety of personnel. This article focuses on environmental monitoring in vast mining environment and its surroundings but connects process monitoring and control to subject.