Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 25(2), August 2015

Implementation of Hybrid Systems Described by DEV&DESS in the QSS Based Simulator PowerDEVS

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 25(2), 2015, 109-116
DOI: 10.11128/


In this article, a method for implementing hybrid models, formulated as DEV&DESS, in the QSS based simulator PowerDEVS is presented. PowerDEVS is actually a pure DEVS simulator. However, it is specialised for simulating continuous Models (DESS) using QSS (Quantized State System) to translate them into discrete event models (DEVS). Therefore, it is perfectly suited for the simulation of hybrid models (DEV&DESS). When designing and simulating coupled DEVS models though, very soon a lot of difficulties occur caused by concurrent events and feedback loops.
Hence, first some concepts are introduced of how to implement an atomic DEVS in a way that avoids those difficulties. Afterwards, an approach of how to implement an atomic DEV&DESS is introduced which makes use of those concepts.