Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 23(2), August 2013

Burdens of Obesity: Multi-Model Description

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 23(2), 2013, 85.92
DOI: 10.11128/


Obesity was in 1997 by World Health Organization recognized as a disease. It has reached epidemic extensions and as such it has become an important social and economic burden, not only because of itself but also because it is an important risk factor for developing diabtes type 2, hyperdislipidemia and hyperten-sion. These four chronic diseases are known as deadly quartet because they are essentially increasing the de-velopment of cardiovascular diseases which have already become the main reason for mortality. In the paper the modeling structure is proposed with which it is possible to evaluate the diseases’ burdens important for certain country or population. In this case a number of active and inactive people, overweight and obese, and a number of people with healthy nutrition habits were estimat-ed for Austria and Slovenia. Their influence to development of pre-diabetes and diabetes type 2 is also pre-sented. In addition the costs for health care and also some expectations regarding population ageing are illustrated.