Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 22(2), August 2012

Simulation and Optimization of Cologne's Tram Schedule

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 22(2), 2012, 69-76
DOI: 10.11128/


In many tram networks multiple lines share tracks and stations, thus requiring robust schedules which prevent inevitable delays from spreading through the network. Feasible schedules also have to fulfill various planning requirements originating from political and economical reasons. In this article we present a tool set designed to generate schedules optimized for robustness, which also satisfy given sets of planning requirements. These tools allow us to compare time tables with respect to their applicability and evaluate them prior to their im-plementation in the field. This paper begins with a description of the tool set focusing on optimization and simulation modules. These soft-ware utilities are then employed to generate schedules for our hometown Cologne's tram network, and to subsequently compare them for their applicability.