Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 22(2), August 2012

Network-wide Evaluation of Cooperative Traffic Systems using Microscopic Traffic Flow Simulation

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 22(2), 2012, 89-94
DOI: 10.11128/


The eCoMove project, which is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Research and Technological Development, creates a system to reduce the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of vehicles. The system uses the cooperative technology of V2I-Communication (vehicle to infrastructure communication). Within the different subprojects, in-vehicle and infrastructure site applications are developed. As only a limited number of vehicles are equipped with the sys-tem, network wide effects of the systems cannot be measured within the real test sides. A validation of these effects can be done using microscopic traffic flow simula-tion. This article introduces the concept of the simulation environment used for the validation within the ecoMove project.