Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 22(2), August 2012

Modelling and Simulation of Student Pedestrian Traffic at University Campus

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 22(2), 2012, 95-100
DOI: 10.11128/


<more-space> is a software project of Vienna University of Technology for supporting the planning phase of ‘Univercity2015’ - a project to renovate all university buildings and to improve the existing infrastructure and the inherent processes. <more-space> determines and evaluates the spatial resources and time needs required and introduces a model for the room management that can simulate the usage of resources to optimize the planning of rooms and schedules. This contributions presents a part of the <more-space> project, the dynamic simulation for the student pedestrian traffic, which takes into account time requirements for reaching different lecture hall buildings and lecture halls on an individual basis, allowing also to incorporate needs for physical handicapped persons. Modelling and simulation of this dynamic individual stu-dent traffic is based on advanced cellular automata model, which are integrated into other <more-space> components (distributed DEVS model).