Simulation Notes Europe, Volume 34(1), March 2024

LogFarm: An Open Source Graph-based Simulator for Logistics Networks

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 34(1), 2024, 43-50
DOI: 10.11128/sne.34.sw.10676


Logistics networks are complex systems that are often subject to simulation to gain insights. For the  computer-aided simulation, simulation tools are used that are also referred to as simulators. In this article, a  novel open-source simulator for logistics networks is introduced. The key feature of the tool is its graph-based  mode of operation and its usage of simulation models that are stored in graph databases  The simulator is designed to be used in a data farming framework, which means it can be used to generate data along the simulation. The article discusses the general idea and concept behind the authors’ graph-based simulator as well as the  implementation of an open-source prototype. The  prototype is evaluated through the examination of two use cases and a test on the ARGESIM C14 benchmark.