SNE 29(1)

SNE 29(1), Special Issue "EUROSIM Promotion cont.", March 2019

DOI: 10.11128/sne.29.1.1046
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Inside the Virtual Test Aircraft (VIRTTAC) Benchmark Model: Simulation Architecture

  • Model-based Methodology for Identifying Capacity Limitations in Airports: Mexico City Airport Case

  • An Adaptable Full-Scale Aircraft Cabin in an Interconnected Simulation Environment

  • Probabilistic State Space Models – A Theoretical Framework with Practical Relevance

  • MATLAB/Simulink’s Variant Manager vs SESToPy

  • Comparison of Prediction Models for Delays of Freight Trains by Using Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods

  • ARGESIM Benchmarks on Modelling Approaches and Simulation Implementations – Development, Classification and Basis for Simulation Education

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