SNE 28(3), Special Issue "Short Papers 9th EUROSIM Congress, Oulu, 2016", September 2018

DOI: 10.11128/sne.28.3.1042
ISSN 2306-0271


  • Monitoring and Control in Mining

  • Actuator Fault Tolerant Control for a Rotary Wing Aircraft

  • Utilizing Optical Monitoring to Predict the Effluent Quality in the Activated Sludge Processes

  • Fault Tolerant Control for a Rotary Wing Aircraft

  • Simplified Mechanistic Model of the Multiple Hearth Furnace for Control Development

  • SolarTherm: A New Modelica Library and Simulation Platform for Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Systems

  • Concept for Mathematical Models for Subprocesses in the Manufacture of Particleboards

  • Possibilities in State Event Modelling of Hybrid Systems

  • Plant Disease Outbreak – Prediction by Advanced Data Analysis

  • Mean-Field Approximation of a Microscopic Population Model for Austria

  • Estimation of Discontinuities from Point Cloud Based on Variable-Box Segmentation Method

  • Synaptic Learning of the Resonator Network Interacting with Oscillatory Background and Noise

  • Falsification by Modelling and Simulation for Investigations in Hallstatt Archaeology

  • A Simulation Model of a School’s Evacuation

  • Interactive Modelling and Simulation of Micromirror MEMS Devices

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