SNE 28(4)

SNE 28(4), Special Issue "EUROSIM Promotion", December 2018

DOI: 10.11128/sne.28.4.1044
ISSN 2306-0271


  • A Learned Polyalphabetic Decryption Cipher

  • Generating of Task-Based Controls for Joint-Arm Robots with Simulation-based Reinforcement Learning

  • Modeling Arterial Wave Reflection with Difference Equations

  • Autonomous Landing System: Safe Landing Zone Identification

  • Different Strategies for Modelling and Simulation of the Impact of Migration on Regional Population Development

  • Decision Trees for Human Activity Recognition Modelling in Smart House Environments

  • Benefit Analysis of Wind Energy Storage by Time Shift Simulation

  • A Simulation-based Analysis of the Influence of Renewables on the Spanish Electricity Prices

  • Modeling and Validation of an Open-Source Mean Value Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Model

  • Time- and Event-oriented Spreadsheet Modelling of ARGESIM Benchmark C12 'Collision Processes in Rows of Spheres'

  • Educational Use of the ARGESIM Benchmarks for Modelling Approaches and Simulation Implementations

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