Manuscript Preparation

Authors are invited to prepare a contribution using either a Word or a TEX template:

After writing the manuscript, with all figures (pictures) embedded, please also generate a pdf print of your contribution, embedding all fonts. Furthermore, prepare a zip-file with all files of figures (pictures; any format). 

Manuscript Submission

At present, submission of contributions is organised via classical email. For submitting a contribution, please send an e-mail to

with manuscript files, contribution properties, and author(s) data:

  • Manuscipt files (attachment in submission e-mail):
    • Word docx file or zipped TEX sources
    • Pdf print file (fonts embedded)
    • Zip file with alle figures (pictures)
  • Contribution properties (in submission email): 
    • Intended type of Note (TN technical Note, SN Short Note, ...)
    • Any other special info on the submission
  • Author(s) data (in submission e-mail):
    • Name, affiliation, address, and e-mail of submitting(corresponding)  author
    • Name and affiliation of all co-authors (other authors)