ARGESIM Benchmark C13 'Crane and Embedded Control': SIMULINK–modelled Dynamics and MATLAB-programmed Control

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 25(3-4), 2015, 207-209
DOI: 10.11128/sne.25.bn13.10318


ARGESIM Benchmark C13 'Crane and Embedded Control' is based on nonlinear and a linear continuous dynamics for a crane crab and on discrete control by a linear observer model. This solution makes use of the MATLAB/Simulink system in a ‘mixed’ manner. The continuous dynamics are modelled graphically in the Simulink environment – using partly connected blocks and partly MATLAB functions. The discrete control with observer model and the diagnosiss is programmed in MATLAB, framed by a sampled date discrete submodel in Simulink connected to the continuous submodels for the dynamics. This approach allows fast modelling, but deeper insight into the simulation environment is necessary.