A Comparative Solution to ARGESIM Benchmark C4 'Dining Philosophers' with AnyLogic and MVSTUDIUM

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 28(1), 2018, 31-33
DOI: 10.11128/sne.28.bn04.10406


ARGESIM Benchmark C4 Dining Philosophers' is a very general one, and various modelling approaches are suitable. The presented solution compares modelling approaches with two similar simulators, but different in goals: AnyLogic and MVSTUDIUM. After a short introduction into the two object-oriented simulators, event-driven hybrid modelling approaches are presented – here the solution refers to the noticeable difference between the two modeling environments in messaging and signal processing. As option – and in order to üprevent from deadlock – also a chopstick cleaning process is introduced, and the AnyLogic version provides a 2-D animation directly defined in the philosophers’ objects. Finally some results for utilization and waiting times are presented – identically for both simulators, because of use of identical random streams.