C02 - Flexible Assembly System

Benchmark C02 Flexible Assembly System is the first discrete comparison defined in SNE. Based on a relatively simple process model with six stations around a circular transport belt, the task is to define and combine submodels and to describe control strategies for the workflow of pallets travelling around the belt.

Originally defined for checking the features of discrete simulators for the sketched tasks, the relatively simple model is case study for introduction to discrete process modelling, or to event-based process modelling and to simulation of production systems – a suitable basis for education for simulation novices in this area.


Tobias Pingel | Sven Pawletta

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 21(3-4), 2011, 193-194
DOI: 10.11128/sne.21.bn02.10101

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Štefan Emrich | B. Malinowsky | Oliver Höftberger

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 21(3-4), 2011, 191-192
DOI: 10.11128/sne.21.bn02.10099

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Sebastian Schreiber | Mike Barth | René Nicolaus | Markus Schleburg | Alexander Fay

Simulation Notes Europe SNE 20(1), 2010, 38-44
DOI: 10.11128/sne.20.bn02.09968

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Thomas Löscher, Christoph Habersohn, Gregor Hinker

SNE 17(3-4), 2007, 59-60

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Thomas Löscher, Yilin Huang, Voin Legourski, Ondrej Cevan

SNE 17(3-4), 2007, 61-62

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M. Gyimesi

SNE 14(40), 2004, 29

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F. Breitenecker, A. Kittenberger

SNE 13(37), 2003, 22

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Sabri Pllana, Thomas Fahringer

SNE 13(38/39), 2003, 49

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E. Pazourek, F. Breitenecker

SNE 13(38/39), 2003, 50

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